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Module 1

How your brain makes associations and how to use this to remember things easily.


Module 2

Learn how to memorize lists of information easily - once you learn the strategy you'll be able to remember lists you never believed you could!


Module 3

Learn how to remember numbers - even long numbers and telephone numbers after just hearing or seeing them once.


Module 4

How to remember names - essential to make a good impression socially and in business. Remembering names could make the difference in getting a promotion.

You can develop a brilliant memory, even if you thought it wasn't possible! 

  • Discover how to quickly and easily learn, remember and instantly recall names!
  • Quickly and easily remember numbers - even long numbers/telephone numbers - almost instantly after you learn the strategy!
  • Learn long lists rapidly and discover how to drastically cut down study time!
  • Impress your friends with your memory.
  • Improve your career by boosting your memory.
  • Learn to believe in yourself.

I used to think I was just born with a bad memory. With the techniques I've learned from Tom, I'm now amazed at all the things I can remember.

Jane H
Jane H

I was holding myself back at work because I couldn't remember peoples' names. Now that I've learned these strategies for remembering names, I've even remembered a room full of more than 20 people! It has made me feel so much more confident at work and in life! Thank you

Ben J

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